A few months ago I was approached by the Director at Woolley Moor Nurseries as they were looking to re-brand the business and give it a fresh look.
I had been going there with my mother since I was a child so I knew a little about the family run business already, but it’s been great to get to know them all better and see the business blossom.

Joe (Director) and I sat down with a few ideas about what the re-branding should include and the connotations it should carry. The dedication and ambition of everyone at the nurseries is obvious, so I wanted to create something that portrayed their genuine passion for horticulture.

The initial design was for the frontage of the business which stands on the main road from Clay Cross to Ashover. With colour scheme decided, I set to work creating a large sign which would serve as advertising for otherwise hidden business. We decided on the wording and I created a digital logo with the slogan “Where quality starts at the roots” which has now been incorporated into the clothing that staff wear every day.


A little while later, Joe came back to me with a new brief; he wanted an alternative logo which would be used across the board with the company name in.

We want something simplistic that can be used on company products and be recognisable across social media and the website.”

I played around a little with the company name and eventually decided on this design which features the initials rather than the full name. As the majority of social media interaction is accessed through smart phones and tablets, I knew the logo needed to be bold and uncomplicated.
“Grown in the Heart of Derbyshire” was chosen by Joe and I think it works really well with this design.

Last month, over 250,000 custom plant pots were ordered with this design on!

The businesses is growing at an alarming rate, so the logos will be featured across a range of products and locations very soon. It’s been a pleasure working with Woolley Moor Nurseries and I’m very pleased with the outcome so far. But watch this space – plenty more coming from this business partnership!

Please get in touch if you have a similar project.